The Himalayan Mountains, and my near death experience.

From this…..

… to this. Deep snow fell overnight, turning a steep walk into a treacherous experience.

A short overview of my trip to the Himalayan mountains and a near death experience.

I flew from a very air polluted Delhi into crisp, clean air of Srinagar in Kashmir.

The glide path of my plane was through the snow covered mountains which was breath taking. At the airport we were greeted by a horde of heavily armed soldiers, and had to proceed through various check points. The state of Kashmir has been in dispute with India since independence 70 years ago. They claim their independence was agreed to when the English left all those years ago?

The fact that Pakistan and China are their close neighbours is not without some concern. Just prior to my arrival 11 people were shot, hence the heavy military presence.

As part of the package I was picked up at the airport with my bike still packed and taken to lake DAL and ferried to my boathouse for the week. Here I met my guide and cook Shaban, who was busying himself to leave for the mountains in two days.

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