Extremely Tough Ride

160520140491It seems that poor Ron is once again out of coms! He tried to send some photos from Port Lincoln but they did not come through – so not sure what the glitch was. Very disappointing. plus a very bad choice of contract or whatever system he had but anyway, he once again called from a call box in Port Neil – he had an extremely tough ride in bad weather and strong wind from Port Lincoln but finally arrived in yet another very pretty coastal town with a lovely jetty and lots of pelicans but almost ghost-like – so quiet and deserted – the small towns are all struggling to exist. But he met some delightful ‘senior citizens’ – from the local bowling club which is situated right next to the campsite. They were intrigued and impressed by Ron’s amazing journey. They insisted in paying for his supper and port – supper was fish and chips and salad. Plus a few of him gave him a few extra dollars! So kind. The campsite was not the same fabulous 5 star standard at Port Lincoln plus rather over-priced but Ron had a hot shower and met some great kind people so that made up for a rather shabby campsite!

Ron commented on the extensive wheat fields everywhere and huge silos – apparently the huge wheat growers and all the by-products sustain most of the small villages plus there is a massive export market including to the States.

He plans to get up very early and try and beat the bad weather and cycle to Cowell – he needs to get there before 1pm as that is when the ferry to Wallaroo departs.
Anyway, that’s all the news. Ron truly has done so well – we are all so proud of him. He is tired and is looking forward to being back in his country, with his family, his friends and of course home comforts!

Keep the blog and the interest in hospice going.

‘All the best’.
Bye bye now – love to all.

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  • what are we supposed to do for interest in hospice ?.what has this to do about a cycle ride in Australia?beats me.

  • What is the meaning of this tree. Does it represent anything with all the braziers hanging from it?
    This photo could have been taken on the Bluff in Durban!
    Are we missing something????!!!!
    Ron, you have been on the road for 23 days and NOT a single photo.
    We have been on the blog every night it would have been so nice if we could have seen some of the things that you have seen.
    PLEASE try to get SOME pics to this blog while you are in Adelaide.
    Thinking of you. Enjoy the ride. Not many people get this chance.
    Stay safe.

  • I have been looking at the pic of “the tree” for some time. Sorry I do not have a good sense of humour. Still don’t know why this pic of the tree was posted. With all respect I would much rather have seen something of interest on Ron’s trip.

  • Maybe this tree was one thing of interest on a desolate road!!!! Would love to know where the person/people are that those bras belong to! Is that what you have been looking for through all these tiny towns, Ron??? Take care over this last few days of your journey and stay safe. CH mates are proud of your achievements.

  • Ron explained that the tree full of bras is in support of breastcancer – rather fabulous idea actually.

  • If Ron could get this photo in where are all the others?
    Breast cancer week has come and gone!
    Ron’s ride is about his personal achievements.
    Actually I don’t see what this has to do with addressing breast cancer.
    But of course we are all entitled to our own ideas.

    • I’m sorry for being so ignorant, I thought it was you drying out your stuff back in Africa! I thought it fabulous too. Only joking! Sorry Mum.

  • 30 May, 2014. 9.20pm.
    Has Ron not checked in today.
    Did he make the ferry on time?
    Where did he stop today.
    Kindly update the blog.

  • if you don’t update the blog then phil will rather watch rugby .there is lots on their blog to keep interest fired up.it should be a daily news commentary to motivate those who show enthusiasim in events as they unfold.not a wishy washy news now and again.where are the photographs?what happened yesterday?

  • I also wondered whether he made the ferry at 1! Who knows where he is going after this? It would be quite nice to keep track of where he is as he has changed his trip. When does he actually fly out of Sydney? Not too many days to go – keep us informed please.

  • Hi Everyone – I don’t know how to update a blog, but here is some news for us on the 31st May! I just spoke to Ron on the phone – he was eating supper at a pub, sopping wet because it has been pouring with rain, so his tent is wet and he is tired as hell. He is in a place called Wakefield for the night, then does the final stretch to Adelaide tomorrow. He is very excited that this is essentially his last day of riding and he will be able to sleep in a bed in a backpackers in Adelaide – leaves there on the 5th for Sydney, has two days in Sydney and flies out on the 7th. He is very happy that this incredible journey is nearly over – wonders how he ever made it through the Nullabor Plain. Great to hear that he is ok and near the end of his journey. God speed.

  • Last day! Nearly there. SHOSHOLOZA……..

  • 31 May, 8.40pm SA Time.

    NICHOLAS.. Seems you still remember where us Africans dry our washing!
    BUTCH.. If you remember I hate rugby!
    As I said I have been watching the blog nightly for news of Ron. We have followed his trip from the first day and get very agitated if we don’t know where he is!.
    Though things did not work out according to plan, he has done a great job (26 days in the saddle) Unfortunately some of us HAVE to work and that is why Ron’s time is limited.
    JACKIE.. thanks so much for that update! I can’t believe that communication can be so bad in Australia! Only hope that Ron has taken tons of photos to really prove that he WAS there! Hope that when he gets to Adelaide he can send one or two photos to this site.
    Hope Ron enjoys his last “official” ride and enjoys the rest of his stay in Oz.
    Looking forward to one or two more snippets of news from the “King of the Heap” before he takes off on Saturday.
    Stay safe Ron.

  • With just under a hundred klm ride to Adelaide and possible showers it definitely won’t be Ron’s “best” ride to date!
    Mom can’t wait for next weekend. She is counting the days for your return, and has missed your weekly visits so much.

  • Sunday 1 June 7.45 pm
    Has anybody on this blog perhaps spoken to Ron today. It is approximately 2 am (Monday)in Adelaide
    We would love to know how Ron did today.
    Did he make it to Adelaide.
    If you get to read this blog, PLEASE let the readers know what you are doing and what you are planning to do before you leave Australia on Saturday.
    We would like to be kept informed.
    Stay safe.

  • I just tried calling Ron now and the phone makes the weirdest noises! Tried more than once and got three different ringing tones, so maybe Australis just has useless cell services! He told me that he just wanted to visit some of the wonderful Churches in Adelaide as the city is known as the City of Churches – he has until the 5th to recover, relax and try to get some of his material dried out and ready for the trip back home on Saturday. I will try again later and see what we come up with so will keep anyone posted on if I can get through! Let the guy relax and just enjoy some time out now – probably collapse for a day or two after this body-crunching journey. God speed home to SA!

    • Jackie.
      Thanks for that.
      Hope he has time to hit the beach and all the sites (without the bike)
      Hope too that he has a wonderful two days in Sydney!
      From Monday it is back to the grind….holiday over!
      A comfortable bed… home cooking… CIVILIZATION!!!
      Even though times were tough, he is going to miss all this and will be impounded again TILL NEXT TIME!

  • Hey Ron,
    Hey have been thinking of you and reading all the blogs it looks as though you will be in SA early next week.
    Watched all those poor souls slogging it our on the road from Pmb to Durban on Sunday and thought how much easier you had it with two wheels — altho one was broken. Not much longer friend and you will be back in friendly Hillcrest….. keep going — am amazed at your determination.

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