Heading for the mountains and the Mojave Desert.

Ron is almost 200kms into his trip. He is making his way to Las Vegas, and the route is taking him through mountains and desert. His next few days will be through the Mojave Desert, then onto Las Vegas.

He has gained altitude, from sea level to over 4000ft, in just three days!

Ron reports that it has been very hot and dry, and he has to travel early in the morning in order to miss the hottest part of the day. The mountain pass was windy and misty, so he is experiencing all kinds of weather.

The positive part for Ron is that he is finally on the “long road”, and out of suburban areas. He doesnt have to stop and start, and endure traffic lights etc.

Riding on the bike. Very hot conditions.












The campsite – Ron’s first night camping and sleeping in the tent.











The start of the Cajon Pass climb, with lots of mist on the mountains











On Thursday, Ron rode up the Cajon Mountain Pass. He said that he had a 30km climb through the Cajon Pass, but luckily the road also had a 30km downhill!

The Cajon Pass.

In the mist on a very busy freeway, making it up the Cajon Pass.

Cajon Summit – Elevation 4190ft

Traffic on the roads, plus mist.

The 2nd campsite was very dilapidated. A kind lady gave Ron $20, which paid for the camping.


































An anecdote from, about the people Ron is meeting; “Met a couple next to me in the camp. Then the police arrived and handcuffed the guy and took him away. Not for sissies here??!”

On Friday Ron faces the start of the Mojave desert. Ron says its very hot, so he has to leave early when it is cooler. It is very desolate and there are no trees for cover.  We wish Ron all the best for the Mojave

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