What a great challenge

As planned Ron got going early and beat the bad weather and got to a very quaint town called Cowell and caught the ferry across to Wallaroo where he spent the night and then went on to Port Wakefield ( not sure if he perhaps meant Port Victoria???) Where he again spent a night – I gather the man is getting tired!! Not surprising! What a great challenge and achievement!

He had a tough slow ride with very bad weather but he did come across a very special town – buzzy and busy with a fabulous market where he had an outstanding meal – home-made pie and veges – not his usual fish and chips!

This town was established in 1857 as a copper mining town. Really a quaint lovely town.
Ron then set off for Adelaide.

This again was a tough ride but as he mentioned to his son, nothing was easy for him at this stage of his journey.

The cycle to Adelaide was hectic – now on a busy highway in rainy conditions. He got lost and had to use one of the ‘help’ phones on the side of the road where he was directed to Adelaide.

He arrived in Adelaide yesterday – and at this point Ron says ‘the eagle/stray dog has landed’.!!! This is where his epic adventure has to end. He has run out of time and never anticipated the journey to be as tough as it was but never-the-less – awesome stuff Ron! We are all extremely proud of you.
He plans to fly to Sydney in the next day or two.

The locals in Adelaide are so impressed by Ron’s epic solo journey and all want to shake his hand! How special.

Adelaide is a very beautiful first world city with magnificent old buildings. It apparently has more churches than any other city in the world – Ron’s comment on this – with his usual dry sense of humour “that’s good to hear – I need all the help I can get….!’

He has found a fairly comfortable backpackers and is happy to be sleeping in a bed after having a BIG burger at Hogs Breath cafe. Tomorrow he plans to do some sightseeing of this beautiful city on his bike as a tourist! He has to cycle to the beach area tomorrow which is about 40 minutes away to find a cycle shop to find a box to pack up his bike.

He thanks you all for your support, prayers and love and wishes you all ‘all the best’. His phone was working in Adelaide but he had a one-month contract which should end soon.

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  • Amazing, Ron. I’m sure when you replay this journey in your head, you’ll wonder how on earth you coped! Looking forward, as is everyone, to hearing more about your adventures…

  • Monday 2 June 8.20 pm
    Hi Ron,
    Unfortunately every good thing must come to an end.
    What a wonderful privilege to live out one of your dreams by riding “long distance” in Australia.
    Not many can make this claim!
    It was not always easy but I am sure it will always be remembered by you.
    It is what it is, and I thank you for being on “the blog” for the last month.
    I will miss it!!!!!
    Stay safe.

  • Well done! Proud of my Uncle! No more trip to follow, disappointing for us, looking forward to the Book: “Ron vs Australia” lots of love

  • It is good to chat with Ron because he is pretty homesick now, even though some of the people he has met are great. I told him I will ghost write a book for him as his journey might be an inspiration to others to just help them work through their own things and come out the other side. Enjoy your last while in Australia and I do wish you would answer your phone!

  • Yes Jackie.
    I think more of us should do trips like this.
    It gives us time to think about our lives without interruption from ANYBODY.
    Nobody to fight with you, boss you around, no clocks except the sun and moon.
    Don’t want to get all religious but it also gives
    you time to get closer to our God. He is the only friend we need, who not only listens but does not answer back but hears all your needs. I am sure Ron felt that on the Nullarbor Plain.
    Yes Brother…
    Your journey is over and you are almost packing your meagre belongings and heading back to SA a much richer person. You have learned a hell of a lot about yourself!!!!!!
    And I have seen a different side to you.
    You NEVER gave up!
    Your Sister

  • I couldn’t agree more about having this time totally alone – it is almost like being able to meditate and go through all the rubbish in your own head and get it cleared out. I think that the fact that Ron never gave up, although he was so alone and down at times, shows huge strength of spirit and I think he is going to come back so much stronger and having left all the baggage on the Nullarbor Plain. Well done, friend. You have many people who are proud of you and what you went out and did. Safe trip home on Saturday.

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