India & Sri Lanka

I am about to embark on my next adventure.

Here is a short overview of my plans to cycle across India and Sri Lanka.

I leave on 27 October with a much lighter load than previous adventures . With constant temperatures of around 30 degrees (much cooler than the US!) I will be able to carry the bare minimum of clothes and equipment. I arrive in New Delhi via Dubai, and after a short stay, will ride to the Himalayas to experience the highest mountain ranges in the world. I only have a 2 month visa in India so will be under considerable pressure to cycle to the southern tip of India in the two months after visiting the highlights of this magnificent country.

Because the ferry service has been discontinued from India to Sri Lanka, I will have to take a flight to Colombo to start my one month trip across the beautiful Sri Lanka.

To all my friends please follow my progress and keep in touch!

Flag of India


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