Taj Mahal

I visited the Taj Mahal at 5 30am this morning. It was spectacular.

From here, I ride to Nagpur but won’t make it under 3 days as it’s 250 km far. Not sure where I will sleep? Not sure of com’s either? Chat when I can. Thanks for all the comments, and for following my blog.

Marble of different colours – Taj Mahal


An unbelievable sight, which must rate as the world’s best. Pics can’t do justice.

One of 4 huge gates.

Flying the flag with a fan. A lot of locals wanted a pic of themselves with me and the bike.

On the road. Note the cattle on the roadside, a common sight.






























Mode of transport. In the Pink City, Jaipur.

Pumping water in the street in Jaipur

The build up to Dewali, people are buying their decorations and big bangs 😠.





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